# Tutorials for the Cosmos SDK

"Greetings Cosmonauts"

The code for these tutorials (and this site) can be found here on Github

# Hellochain

This is the quick and simple "Hello World" introduction to building with the Cosmos SDK. You will build a fully-funcitonal blockchain with payment functionality and a custom "greeter" module. This tutorial makes use of the utils/starter package to reduce boilerplate and allow you to focus on the core concepts. Start here if you are evaluating Cosmos as your possible platform of choice.

# Nameservice

The real deal, full-length tutorial in which you will build a fully functional naming service on a blockchain. This tutorial does not use the starter package, rather you will be configuring and composing a full application yourself. The nameservice tutorial also has translations and a slide deck.

# Live Testnet

# Slides



# Scavenge

A scavenger hunt of sorts! Users post questions with hashed answers and bounties for whoever can solve them using a commit-reveal scheme that prevents front-running.

# Slides