Deep dive into CosmJS - implement a game GUI and backend script

CosmJS for Your Chain

You will continue your work on CosmJS and explore how to use CosmJS and apply it to your checkers blockchain to create custom objects and messages. Further, you will discover how to give your application-specific blockchain a proper GUI and integrate CosmJS and Keplr.

The end of this chapter will deal with backend scripts and demonstrate how to use them for game indexing so that you are all set to continue developing using CosmJS.

# In this chapter

In this chapter, you will:

  • Learn how to implement a GUI for your checkers blockchain.
  • Integrate CosmJS and Keplr into your GUI.
  • Discover how to use CosmJS on a backend script.
  • Learn how to create new CosmJS messages, transactions, and methods.
  • Send transactions in a batch and a single block.
  • Explore how to introduce CosmJS into an existing GUI TypeScript project, including a Keplr integration.
  • Use CosmJS on a backend server to offer an indexing service and improve the user experience.
  • Introduce a leaderboard for your checkers blockchain.

# Next up

Before you dive into developing a GUI, take a look at creating objects and messages. Later, you get to integrate CosmJS and Keplr into the GUI and work on a backend script for game indexing.

# Developer Resources

Cosmos SDK
Cosmos SDK
A framework to build application-specific blockchains

Blockchain consensus engine and application interface

Cosmos Hub
Cosmos Hub
First interconnected public blockchain in the Interchain network

Industry standard protocol for inter-blockchain communication