Get started with Cosmos SDK v0.50 and run your Cosmos chain

First Steps to Run Your Chain

Do you want to find out how to run Cosmos chains? Take it step-by-step.

Begin with an introduction to the Cosmos SDK v0.50 and the first steps to building an application-specific blockchain from scratch.

In the following chapters, you will learn how to implement a checkers game blockchain with all the different aspects this can entail.

# In this chapter

In this chapter, you will:

  • Prepare your computer to work with the Cosmos SDK v0.50.
  • Clone two minimal repositories that will get you started fast.
  • Begin implementing a Cosmos module for a checkers game using your own IDE, starting from an empty folder.
  • Create one stored object type.
  • Create one custom message for your blockchain.
  • Work with the message handler to create and save games.
  • Create one custom query for your blockchain.

# Next up

Before you set up this exercise, prep everything by going through the section Set Up Your Work Environment.

If your setup is ready to go, begin with the next section.

# Developer Resources

Cosmos SDK
Cosmos SDK
A framework to build application-specific blockchains

Blockchain consensus engine and application interface

Cosmos Hub
Cosmos Hub
First interconnected public blockchain in the Interchain network

Industry standard protocol for inter-blockchain communication