# What's Next?

Are you ready to continue your journey with the interchain? What’s next?

Do you want to develop your own application-specific blockchain? Or contribute to development of the Cosmos SDK?

Here you can find useful information to launch your journey into the interchain universe.

# Community

Check out the interchain's developer community! Hang out and chat with ~14 thousand other members. Have a burning question, want to stay up to date on community events, and be in touch with the ecosystem?

Developer Chat

Have something to discuss regarding interchain governance, ecosystem, wallets, security, and validating? Why not join the official forum for the interchain?

Cosmos Forum

# Contribute

The interchain is an open ecosystem: everyone can contribute! A great place to start if you're new would be to look at any issues marked "good first issue".

There are different ways you can contribute to the Cosmos SDK and related repositories.

Cosmos SDK
Cosmos SDK
Find out everything about contributing to the main Cosmos SDK repository!

Want to support the development of the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol?

Help solve existing issues and continue the development of the robust Tendermint BFT consensus!