# Starport

# Requirements

For this tutorial we will be using Starport (opens new window) v0.13.1, an easy to use tool for building blockchains. To install starport into /usr/local/bin, run the following command:

Copy curl https://get.starport.network/starport@v0.13.1! | bash

You can also use Starport v0.13.1 on the web in a browser-based IDE (opens new window). Learn more about other ways to install Starport (opens new window).

# Creating a blockchain

Afterwards, you can enter in starport in your terminal, and should see the following help text displayed:

Copy $ starport A tool for scaffolding out Cosmos applications Usage: starport [command] Available Commands: app Generates an empty application build Builds an app and installs binaries chain Relay connects blockchains via IBC protocol help Help about any command module Manage cosmos modules for your app network Create and start blockchains collaboratively serve Launches a reloading server type Generates CRUD actions for type version Version will output the current build information Flags: -h, --help help for starport -t, --toggle Help message for toggle Use "starport [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Now that the starport command is available, you can scaffold an application by using the starport app command:

Copy $ starport app --help Generates an empty application Usage: starport app [github.com/org/repo] [flags] Flags: --address-prefix string Address prefix (default "cosmos") -h, --help help for app --sdk-version string Target Cosmos-SDK Version -launchpad -stargate (default "stargate")

Let's start by scaffolding our scavenge application with starport app. This should generate a directory of folders called scavenge inside your current working directory, as well as scaffold our scavenge module.

Copy $ starport app github.com/github-username/scavenge --sdk-version="launchpad" ⭐️ Successfully created a Cosmos app 'scavenge'. 👉 Get started with the following commands: % cd scavenge % starport serve NOTE: add --verbose flag for verbose (detailed) output.

You've successfully scaffolded a Cosmos SDK application using starport! In the next step, we're going to run the application using the instructions provided.