# Getting started

Welcome to the quick and simple way to try out the Cosmos SDK. In this tutorial will be building Hellochain, a "Hello World" blockchain with a basic greeter module.

For this tutorial we are going to first build a "blank" application capable of only bank-like interactions and then add some arbitrary "hello world" functionality in the form of our greeter module. Nothing needs to be downloaded or cloned, we will create every file from scratch.

# Starter

To speed up this tutorial, A lot of basic functionality comes packaged for you in the starter package. It will provide basic accounts, a bank, authentication, transaction (Tx) verification as well as some helper functions for building CLI tools. starter is your "crutch" for this tutorial. It is a heavily configured abstraction for the point of skipping boilerplate and getting something up and running quickly. Later, when you start the nameservice tutorial, you will kick out this "crutch", but for now let's include it.

In this tutorial we will create an app with the following file structure.

Copy ./hellochain ├── go.mod ├── Makefile ├── app.go ├── cmd │   ├── hccli │   │   └── main.go │   └── hcd │   └── main.go └── x └── greeter ├── client │   ├── cli │   │ ├── query.go │   │ └── tx.go ├── internal ├── types | ├── msgs.go | └── types.go ├─ keeper └── querier.go ├── keeper.go ├── alias.go ├── module.go ├── handler.go

Start by creating a new git repository:

Copy mkdir -p hellochain cd hellochain git init

Then initialize your app as a go module:

Copy cd ./hellochain go mod init

Ok now you are ready to write some code.

Want to run this tutorial locally? Install Vuepress and run vuepress dev to follow along at http://localhost:8080

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