# Get Support on Discord

The private channels for the Academy on the official Discord is where you will communicate and collaborate with your instructors, tutors, and fellow participants. There are six channels - each dedicated to a specific topic - where you can post messages, ask questions, and request support.

# How to join the Academy Discord

Follow these steps to join the Academy Discord:

  1. Join the official Cosmos Discord by clicking here (opens new window).
  2. Follow the verification process. It’s straightforward but if you need guidance, read this article (opens new window)
  3. After joining the Discord, follow the link we sent you in your welcome email and enter your Discord ID. You will automatically be added to the private Discord area called "Interchain Developer Academy".

If you have any problems, send us an email.

# Interchain Developer Academy Channels on Discord:

Within the Academy Discord, you'll find the following topic-specific channels:

Please post your question in the channel that fits best. This will allow you and the support team to keep track of your question. The channels correspond to the main topics covered in the Academy content. You will find a description of each channel in Discord.

# How to ask a question

You can post a message asking your question directly into any channel.

Make sure you mark your message as a question by adding the question emoticon (?) to it. This will create a new support ticket.

Once a ticket has been created, tutors and expert instructors are informed about the new question and can reply directly to your original post. You will also receive a DM from Trisha | Support Bot, our suppor tbot, which confirms that a ticket has been opened.

After your question has been answered, the ticket can be closed by you, the tutor, or the assigned expert instructor. React with the exclamation mark emoji (!) on your message to close the ticket.

When the ticket is closed, you will receive a direct message from Tricia | Support Bot, confirming the ticket was closed.

If you still have a follow-up question after the ticket was closed, you can post a new message in the channel and open a new ticket.

# Reply by tutors and expert instructors

Your tutors and expert instructors will be notified about your request and will come back to you to help you to answer your question or solve an issue.

# Auto replies

When you mark a message as a question, Tricia might reply with one or more responses or 'Auto Replies'. When she asks you 'Does this answer your question?', please respond with yes or no to indicate whether you need more support.

# Response time

We'll aim to answer your questions within a few hours. Our maximum response time is 24 hours. Main support hours are between 8AM UTC and 6PM UTC. We do not provide support during weekends.