# Congratulations

You've just won XP and/or enough brain to get an NFT Badge on the Cosmos Burner Chain! This chain will shut down after it's purpose at this event but the assets you earned will live on to be used in the BuffiDAO community voting pool and stay with you on the much less ephemeral xDai and Ethereum blockchains!

If you enjoyed this tutorial feel free to share to others who may also enjoy it! If you had any issues we'd love to hear about them. This tutorial is hosted on github (opens new window) where you can make a new issue and describe the difficulties you were experiencing. The repo for the actual burner chain is in the okwme/minimal-scavenge branch of the peggy repo (opens new window). If you want any help during the hackathon just look for someone at the Cosmos booth!

If you want to stay up to date with me consider following my twitter (opens new window), github (opens new window) and/or medium (opens new window).

Special thanks to Denali, Marko, Denis, Dogemos, Nass, Sunny, Kelsey, Brent, Chjango and Peter!