# Get your XP

To get the XP begin by signing up for our newsletter at our Sponsor Booth. To claim the XP you'll need to build the Command Line Client for interacting with the Cosmos Burner Chain and generate a wallet. First make sure that you have installed golang v13.0 or newer (opens new window) and that your $GOPATH and $GOROOT are correctly configured.

Copy go version echo $GOPATH echo $GOROOT

Now you can get the repo by cloning it directly with the correct branch (okwme/minimal-scavenge):

Copy git clone -b okwme/minimal-scavenge https://github.com/cosmos/peggy

Afterwards you'll need to navigate into the newly downloaded directory and run make install like:

Copy cd peggy make install

You may need to install make and make-guile before running make install

This should result in building three binaries:

Copy make install go install -mod=readonly ./cmd/ebd go install -mod=readonly ./cmd/ebcli go install -mod=readonly ./cmd/ebrelayer

The first binary (ebd) is used for running a node within the network (we're just going to be connecting to a node that's already running). The second binary (ebrelayer) is for running a relayer between the burner chain and xDai. You won't be allowed to do this unless you also run a validator so we won't look further into it at this point. The third binary (ebcli) is the one we want. Try running the help command to see what it can do:

Copy ebcli --help ethereum bridge client Usage: ebcli [command] Available Commands: status Query remote node for status config Create or query an application CLI configuration file query Querying subcommands tx Transactions subcommands rest-server Start LCD (light-client daemon), a local REST server keys Add or view local private keys version Print the app version help Help about any command Flags: --chain-id string Chain ID of tendermint node -e, --encoding string Binary encoding (hex|b64|btc) (default "hex") -h, --help help for ebcli --home string directory for config and data (default "/root/.ebcli") -o, --output string Output format (text|json) (default "text") --trace print out full stack trace on errors Use "ebcli [command] --help" for more information about a command.

The first thing we'll want to do is add some values to the config of our CLI so you don't need to include them as flags with every other command. We add indent, format to help with formatting the CLI results, We'll use trust-node and node to point our CLI to the active burner node at where it is running with the chain-id of peggy.

Copy ebcli config indent true ebcli config output json ebcli config chain-id peggy ebcli config trust-node true ebcli config node tcp://

Next you'll want to generate a new account for this chain. You should come up with a nickname for this account that you can use to reference it while making other commands later on. This will also show you the mnemonic phrase that secures the account as well as the public key and your address as a bech32 encoded version of your public key with a cosmos prefix (the prefix can be modified per chain).

Copy ebcli keys add your-nickname Enter keyring passphrase: { "name": "your-nickname", "type": "local", "address": "cosmos15d0vljwtyxnrz9quuk2mj7mjfmjfg8wjfedm90", "pubkey": "cosmospub1addwnpepqwhkspe65ewjerceu5dckqcfpcku0znx3c6q0ll3whyngjzycx4awd8pn5p", "mnemonic": "** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **" }

This is your new account! Now that you know your account address, you need to send it to us so we can give you your XP! You can submit it via email to billy@tendermint.com with the email address you signed up for the survey with. I'll reply letting you know you've received the XP. Once you've received it you should be able to check your balance like this:

Copy ebcli query account $(ebcli keys show your-nickname -a) Enter keyring passphrase: { "type": "cosmos-sdk/Account", "value": { "address": "cosmos15d0vljwtyxnrz9quuk2mj7mjfmjfg8wjfedm90", "coins": [ { "denom": "XP", "amount": "10" } ], "public_key": "cosmospub1addwnpepqwhkspe65ewjerceu5dckqcfpcku0znx3c6q0ll3whyngjzycx4awd8pn5p", "account_number": 0, "sequence": 2 } }

This uses the ebcli keys as a sub-command to grab your account address and uses it as a parameter in the ebcli query command.

If you have not yet received your XP tokens, you will see an error that your account does not exist. That's because accounts are not registered within the chain's memory until they execute their first transaction or receive a balance in some token.

NOTE This does not work yet because XP is non transferrable. Once you have some XP you can send it back to your Ethereum address on the BuffiDai xDai chain. To do this use the following command:

Copy ebcli tx ethbridge burn $(ebcli keys show your-nickname -a) ETHEREUM_RECIPIENT_ADDRESS 10XP \ --from your-nickname \ --ethereum-chain-id 100 \ --token-contract-address XP_TOKEN_ADDRESS

You should be able to see the balance show up in your BuffiDao wallet!