# Peggy/Scavenge + BuffiDao

The purpose of the chain is to extend the Scavenger hunt game in order to interact with the Eth Denver BuffiDao (opens new window) game. Cosmos has 1200 XP to give out and 2 NFT badges (Big Brain and Cosmic Brain). We have locked all of them up within a peggy bridge contract deployed to the xDai chain. This contract is controlled by the validators of our Burner Chain which relay transactions between the two chains. In order to claim XP on the Cosmos Burner Chain you must first have signed up for our survey. You should have done that already if you are here, but if not head over here (opens new window). Afterwards you can claim your XP on the Cosmos burner chain where you will be able to move the XP back to the BuffiDai contract on xDai using the Peggy ETH bridge.

To win MORE XP as well as the Bronze and Silver Badge NFTs you must play the Scavenge game! This is a series of riddles and scavenger hunts which result in secret answers that are submitted via commit-reveal to the Cosmos Chain. Correct results are rewarded with XP as well as a burner chain native token called brain. The top two owners of brain at the end of the hackathon will win the two NFT Badges--Big Brain & Cosmos Brain.