# Troubleshooting the Polling App

The polling app tutorial involves many steps. Use these troubleshooting tips to identify and correct issues.

# Your Blockchain App is Locked

Problem The voter front-end app in Vue is locked. voter locked screenshot

Cause The front-end app automatically locks when the app is reset. The app is reset when you make changes to the code, for example, adding a type.


There are two parts to unlocking the voter app.

  1. Click the Locked element on the front-end app to expose the lock icon, and then click the lock icon. Enter the password you created when you named your wallet voter in the Sign in as Alice step.
  2. Make sure that your blockchain app is running in the terminal window where you launched the voter app with the starport serve command. If the app is not running, launch it again. Run the starport serve command in the voter directory.

# Building proto... cannot build app errors

Symptom You might have introduced syntax errors or typos when you made the required updates to the code files.

Verify the syntax of the changes you made in the *.go files. You might see an error like this:

Copy Waiting for a fix before retrying... šŸ› ļø Building proto... cannot build app:


  1. Resolve any code errors.
  2. Save the files.
  3. Restart the app with the starport serve command.

# Front-end App Doesn't Load

Steps in the tutorial depend on one another. If your front-end app won't load before you have created all of the components that depend on one another, don't worry.


Complete all of the steps in order. After you have updated all of the code dependencies in all of the files, refresh your web browser to reload the front-end app.

# Cannot Create Poll or Cast Votes

If you can't create polls and votes, check the JavaScript console in your browser to see what errors are shown. If you see a problem with API routes, it is probably because you need to replace username from the code snippets in the tutorial with your GitHub username.


Verify the code snippets include your GitHub username:

  • "username.voter.voter/QueryPollAll" becomes
  • "yoda.voter.voter/QueryPollAll" if your GitHub username is yoda

# App Won't Compile

This tutorial requires Starport v0.15.1. The tutorial is based on this specific version of Starport. Versions of Starport other than v0.15.1 are not supported.


Install the required version v0.15.1 on your local computer:

Copy curl https://get.starport.network/starport@v0.15.1! | bash